skype clarinet lessons

If you are interested in clarinet lessons but find it difficult to schedule lessons due to travel, work schedule, or unavailability of a suitable teacher in your area.. then Skype lessons may be just what you need!

*Skype is completely free to download. Just go to  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

*You can use your computer/laptop/ipad built in camera and microphone, or a webcam/mic can run as little as $20. You’ll need an internet connection; high quality broadband connection is best for video calls. If you’re on a Mac I recommend Call Recorder for Skype, an app that lets you video record your lessons.

*My rates for online lessons are $55/30 minutes, $65/45 minutes, $75/hr. You can make a credit card payment via PayPal.

*I have taught many students of all ages and levels via Skype. If a student is enthusiastic, focused, and ready to learn, whether he or she takes lessons in-person or online, that student will succeed.

*I am always available to answer questions by phone or email.


Skype lessons are a great option for students who are:

– in the military.

– in a remote area, or an area with limited access to teachers.

– frequently travel.

– have listened to my recordings or seen me perform on tour.

– want to study with a teacher immersed in the New York City jazz scene.


To schedule a Skype lesson:

Send me an email. Please include location (for scheduling logistics), and background on the instrument.  


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